It’s A ….. Goat!?

Well, hello there little goat!

Sunday morning was a weird one here on the countryside. I was getting ready to go scuba diving, put my gear together and heard Sophie barking outside. She doesn’t usually bark so I went to see what was going on. There is my dog her eyes size of saucers, and I am sure I had an unbelievable look on my face too. A small goat was standing on my back porch.

This is countryside so it’s not unheard of to have animal visitors occasionally but I didn’t know any of my neighbors having goats. There are a couple of cow farms nearby and sometimes the cows have come to see the horses but that’s pretty much the extent of farm animal excitement here. I texted my barn keeper’s mom as they are locals and know everybody, asking if she knows goat owners in the area. A nearby pumpkin farm has a petting zoo and goats so I reached out to them and asked if their goat has taken a hike. No luck.

So I was happily drinking my Sunday morning coffee outside, kept company by Sophie, barn cat Katy Purry, and the goat. I was able to line up a few people who could have come and pick up the tiny, unfriendly goat later on Sunday. Unfriendly, as she of course rammed poor Sophie when she tried to make friends with her. As I had diving to do, I couldn’t stay and solve the goat challenge on the spot – while I was gone, the goat had taken off and went to another neighbor’s yard. Hopefully the little one found her home… But my farm is still goat free!

Breakfast company

Hiding goat

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