Hi, I am Nina.

An American enjoying adventures in Europe for now. I have traveled around the world – a few times. Over the years have visited about 80 countries, and learned a few languages along the way. I love scuba diving, especially in caves and wrecks where the history is palpable. Where you can sense the panic of a sinking ship, or excitement of a newly found cave.

I medicate my fear of heights by being an avid mountaineer and mountain rescuer. The tallest peaks of Europe and North America are my second home. Temperatures of -60C (or -75F), blowing winds and zero-visibility snowstorms make me feel alive.

One would say I am an adrenaline junkie. And I would agree. 

But for everything, there is always Yin, and there is Yang. When it is time to recharge, I love to stay at my farmhouse on rolling Tennessee hills. The 70-year old house full of character has taught me a bunch of new skills from replacing windows to plumbing. Although more than often I just kick back and enjoy the peacefulness around me, and worry about the unfinished tasks tomorrow.

It truly is an adventure, always, darling!